Down 4.25 pounds!!

Super pumped about that. Not gonna lie. Totally made my day.

Which was a good thing, because the rest of my day was pretty blah.

I can tell that I’m starting to slip into a funk. I need to figure out why I do this. What makes me slip into a funk when everything is going great? What causes this? Things with the one I love are going good. My WLJ is back on track. School is getting ready to start back up & I’m a good student. I just don’t get it.

Oh well.


Today’s Plan of Attack

B: egg muffins & coffee. -5pts
S: Banana. -0pts
L: 2 Shrimp tacos & artichoke salad. -16pts
S: wasn’t hungry
A: probably not going to happen
D: Chicken cordon bleu, peas, & apple sauce. -9pts

I still have 7pts left for a snack. I have some frozen greek yogurt in the freezer, I might have some of that. Or who knows what I’ll locate to satisfy my crappy day sweets craving.


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