Weekend Recap!

It was a good one.

Lots of cooking.

Lots of good food.

Not many WPs used!!

I’d call that a success.

I didn’t get much exercise in, but I did get some.

I also have plans to go to kickboxing tomorrow night.

I still need to do something tonight in order to reach my goal of exercising 3 times a week.

Also trying to make a menu for the week of healthy affordable foods. I hate grocery shopping. I hate menu planning. But I’m trying to eat at home more to save money. It’s helping, but I’m still broke as a joke!

I think I might make some baked BBQ chicken & some veggies for the one I love sometime this week. Trying to figure out what else I want to make.

Speaking of cooking for the one I love. Can I just say that the lightened up Alice Springs Chicken I made Friday night was A.Maz.Ing! I have gotten 2 requests from the one I love to make it again soon. So yummy. I also made some bangin’ burgers last night. Leftovers for lunch today!


Date night Saturday was wonderful. But seriously, the one I love had the nerve to ask if I wanted to invite some friends to go with us. No, no sir I do not! He laughed at me.  But we both got dressed up nice – jeans, but nice. I even got him into a collared shirt that wasn’t flannel! We got to the restaurant & it was so nice inside. Very close set & intimate. Our waitress was wonderful. Very personable. We had coffee & brown sugar rubbed oysters for an appetizer. They had cheddar dill biscuits with whipped butter – I was a littler leery of the dill, but it was so good! I had the filet with pimento cheese crust, squash fritters, & sauteed green beans. 2 glasses of red wine. And we split some red velvet cake for dessert. I seriously can’t wait to go back! But it’s a pretty pricy place so I doubt that will happen soon. I requested for that to be my graduation dinner place – you know, in a little over a year.


Today’s plan of attack:

B:  oatmeal & coffee. -4pts
S: banana. -0pts
L: bacon cheeseburger, broccoli, & applesauce. -12pts
S: yogurt. -2pts
S: fruit. -0pts
A: some DVD.
D: ????


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