Oh yes it’s lady’s night!

And the feelin’s right. Oh yes it’s lady’s night, oh what a night.

Ok – not really.

It is my night though.

And I’m spending my night in my PJs, watching some rerun TV on HULU.

Enjoying some Papa John’s pizza.

I might color my hair, but I doubt it.

I stand a better chance of giving myself a pedicure & covering up my ugly black toenail from a friend with a boot incident.

And tonight could not have come at a better time. The one I love is out of town. I’m really hating his new working situation already. I feel as though he’s allowing his friend to take advantage of him. They still have yet to sit down & create a work schedule so he is constantly on call. It’s already starting to cut into us seeing each other – which was my fear when he started this adventure. Plus he’s out of town this week. I’ll probably go a full week without seeing him, that hasn’t happened in a really long time & I’m not ok with it.

I’ve also been feeling very mopey & blah – typical period emotions for me.

So all of this at once is just no good.

And this all would be why I ordered pizza. Plus it’s cold outside & I have no food in the house.

But for reals, Papa John’s thin crust pizza with light cheese, regular sauce, & loaded down with veggies is 19pts for 3 pieces! I’m pretty excited about this fact. 3 pieces will only dip into my WPs by 2pts – so who knows, I might eat more as the night goes on since I have all of my WPs left.


Today’s Plan of Attack

B: Special K breakfast sandwich & coffee. -5pts
S: nothing.
L: Salad w/ grilled chicken, craisins, feta, bacon bits, & LF raspberry dressing. -8pts
S: 5 Andes mints. -6pts
D: 3 pieces thin crust veggie pizza. -19pts


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