It’s So Cold!!


It was 12 degrees when I got in my car this morning. 12!! I live in SW Virginia. It should not be this cold.

And now they’re calling for more snow. MORE SNOW! I still have a good 6in in my back yard. The one I love can’t fix my roof because I’ve probably got a good 5in on there. And it’s going to snow another 3-6in? Seriously? When is the roof ever going to get fixed??

If this weather keeps up I’ll be stress eating my way through the rest of winter.


Anyway, on a different note.

Cardio kickboxing last night. Whoa.

At one point she told us that she was going to work our legs until we couldn’t feel them. Or maybe it was until they burned. Either way, she did. But it was a good burn. I dread going, esp when it’s so cold out, but I love the way I feel afterwards. I feel accomplished & powerful. And half dead, but whatever.

I can feel my body getting stronger – mainly because it’s fighting for its life. And I’m loving that feeling.

I think in February I’m going to focus my mini goals more on exercise. I’ll continue with my January goals but maybe add something else in to February. I haven’t decided yet. But I seem to be doing well with the January goals.


So, Heather is trying to convince me something awful to go on the 2013 WW 20s Board Meetup. It’s in Boston in October. I’m still up in the air. I know it will be a blast. It’ll be a weekend full of girls. It’ll be the weekend right around my birthday. It’ll be a road trip with girls.

I want to.

My only hang up is money.

So, one of my February goals is going to be budget better so I can go on this trip.


Today’s Plan of Attack

B: Oatmeal & coffee. -4pts
S: Too busy – no snack.
L: Turkey sandwich, cottage cheese, carrots w/ greek yogurt dip. -10pts
S: Yogurt. -2pts
S: Banana. -0pts
D: Subway Sub & maybe chips? – 16pts
S: Wine! šŸ™‚ -4pts


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