Down .75lbs.

Pretty excited about that!

It makes 9lbs total for the month of January. I don’t expect to be able to keep that up, but it’d be nice! And thanks to my coworker’s gain, I think I’m still in the lead for this round of our weight loss competition.


Kickboxing was last night. Holy crap! I’m so sore. I’m pretty certain I pulled some muscles in my shoulder & my back. My mom told me to imagine I was punching someone annoying – I think I shouldn’t take her advice anymore. I put more effort into it, that’s for certain. But I’m so sore today. And I got hot & quezzy feeling last night during class. Probably a combination of how hot it was in the room, not having worked out all week, & putting in more effort.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Oatmeal & Coffee. -4
S: Greek Yogurt. -2
L: SmartOnes, cottage cheese, applesauce, & an orange. -9
S: SF pudding. -2
S: Apple. -0
D: 1/2 Wendy’s salad & small chili. -10
S: ??? I’ll have 10pts left!


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