Am I Motivated?

Not really, no. I’m not.

I’m slipping back into my “screw it all” frame of mind. I need to snap back out of it. And I honestly believe that a big reason for this is because of my class. I feel so lost & stuck in this class. And I really feel that it’s starting to effect the rest of my life. I’m so confused on what we’re doing & feel so lost. Like I’m just going through the motions until this class is over.

I’m also really needing Spring to arrive. I don’t feel like doing DVDs at home – I don’t care how many I have, I just don’t feel like doing it. I want to be outside in the fresh air. But it’s just so cold!

I need to figure something out.

Hopefully kickboxing tonight will help spur me along to get my butt back into feeling this program.


Toady’s Plan of Attack:

B: Oatmeal & coffee. -4
S: Banana. -0
L: Healthy Choice meal, salad w/ blue cheese dressing, applesauce. -6
S: Apple. -0
S: Greek yogurt. -2
A: 45min Kickboxing
D: Wendy’s 1/2 salad & small chili. -10


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