Last Week: 213.75
This Week: 212.25
Change: -1.5


So can we just go back to the post I made on Monday & ignore it all.

I need to have more faith in myself. I know how to do this. I know that the scale lies sometimes. I know that eating out adds tons of sodium to my diet. And that some foods weigh heavier than others.

I need to realize this & not get discouraged.


So today is the one I love’s birthday. He’s 27. Old man!! We didn’t do anything to celebrate. I’ve got work all day & class tonight, so I won’t get to see him past when I left his him sleeping in bed this morning.

His mom did make him a red velvet cake. So good! He brought me over a piece last night. Said he asked his mom to cut me a small piece because “I know you don’t want to blow your diet.” Can we all just give the man a round of applause?? He gets it!

We are, however, going to visit some friends of his from college this weekend. I’m really excited about the trip. I love these people. They are so much fun. We’ll be close to DC so I think we might go see a museum one day while we’re there. We also talked about possibly locating a PF Chang’s while there.

I will say that as much as I’m looking forward to this trip I’m scared for my diet. I won’t have as much control over my meals. I’ll be at the mercy of someone else’s fridge. I think I’m going to pack some clif bars & fruit as a just in case breakfast or something. But I really don’t want to seem like the odd ball who isn’t wanting to eat what everybody else does because I’m “on a diet.” I want to still enjoy.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: 1/2 pack of oatmeal, banana, & coffee. -2pts
S: Greek yogurt. -2pts
S: Apple.
D: Subway – probably some chicken w/ lots of veggies & EVOO. Maybe chips. – Allowing up to 17 for sub & chips


So I just realized that I never check in with my January goals!

1) Lose 3.33 pounds this month – WIN!! I lost 9 pounds!
2) Track 5 out of 7 days each week – Done. I think I got almost 7 out of 7 days!
3) Exercise 3 out of 7 days each week – Fail. The last week I only worked out once.
4) Limit carbs (not fruit/veggie carbs) to no more than 2 meals/day – Fail. I realized after a couple weeks this wasn’t hurting or helping my WL. And I love carbs.

February Goals

1) Go to Kickboxing every single Tuesday.
2) Get at least 14 workouts in for the month.
3) Track 7 days a week.
4) Lose 2% of my body weight (4.25pounds).


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