Weekend Recap!

Oh was my inner fat kid ever happy this weekend!

PF Changs. Beer. Peanut butter & Fluff on Ritz crackers. Bar food. Buffalo Chicken Wraps.

Seriously. Happy, happy inner fat kid.

Scale, not so happy.

But that’s ok. Those weekends don’t happen very often for me. They are now days few & far between. And they are sometimes totally worth it.


We had a blast this weekend. Let me just start off saying that. We arrived in Northern, Va about 9:30 Friday night. We just sat around chatting for a while. A long while. Finally went to bed around 1am! Got up, lounged for a bit, then went to lunch at PF Changs. So yummy! Afterwards we went back to the house & relaxed some more before goofing off with the baby.

And then we went out. Had such a good time. Bar food & beer. Lots of college stories. The boys were totally full of themselves. They had a blast.

Went home, lots of cuddles. Even talked about our future some. Not much, but some.

Sunday we got up & had breakfast at Jess’s dad’s house. Then headed off for DC to do some site seeing! Went to the Holocaust museum – oh so very sad, but I believe everyone should see it at least once. Then went to the lawn, or whatever they call it. And then the Natural History museum.

The orchid exhibit at the NHM

The orchid exhibit at the NHM


The one I love & myself


The big giant elephant inside the NHM

We didn’t spend long inside the NHM because the baby was getting restless, and because she managed to pee through 2 pairs of pants – we were out of extras!

So it was off to Fudrucker’s for dinner. So yummy. I haven’t been there in years.

Then back to the house to unwind a little bit before we hit the road. Thank goodness for that, we were both full & tired from the long day. We left around 7:30 & got home about 11pm. So tired. So worn out. We both slept like rocks. Thank goodness I took yesterday off from work.


Today’s Menu:

B: Oatmeal & water. -4
S: nothing.
L: Salad w/ Tuna, lots of veggies, & yogurt dressing. Carronts & Hummus. -6
S: ?? Banana?
A: Cardio Kickboxing
D: ????



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