Weekend Recap

Weekend wasn’t bad. I stayed on plan for most of it. I had some splurges, but I made the best of them!

Friday night was date night with the bestie. Pizza & crappy TV & doing nails. What could be better?? I planned for 3 pieces of pizza & I stuck to it. We also made these banana s’mores I saw on Pinterest, they were so yummy. I’ll be making them again. I think they came out to be 4pts each! I’ll post the recipe at the bottom.

Saturday I slept in a little, picked up breakfast from McDonald’s & took it to the one I love’s house. We had lunch with his parents & then he left to go work for a bit. Dinner we had make at home Chinese food. I managed to stay pretty close to my points range! I got an Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s, a hot ham & cheese sandwich w/ an apple for lunch, greek yogurt for a snack. I also figured up all the points & only went over by about 2 with dinner. 🙂

Sunday we slept in until super late. Got up & went to Waffle House. I was so proud of myself there! I got a Fiesta egg white omlette, wheat toast w/ jelly (no butter), & sliced tomatoes. Seriously! Who does that at WH?? We skipped lunch because we ate breakfast so late. Dinner was pizza – I had 3 slices of veggie pizza. And 2 home made chocolate chip cookies for snack. Again, didn’t go over my points!

I just realized I’m talking a lot about food. But seriously, I didn’t do much this weekend. Friday night was great. We spent the evening catching up & watching reality TV. I love those nights. Saturday was lazy, the one I love worked most of the evening so I laid around, worked out some, played some Xbox, read my book (Gone Girl – SO GOOD!). Sunday was another lazy day, I read some, I napped some, that was about it.


S’Mores Bananas:

Chocolate Chips (1Tbsp)
Mini Marshmallows (~20)

Make an aluminum foil “boat”. Cut banana in half. Top with chocolate chips & mini marshmallows. Place under the broiler, on low, until chocolate is melty & marshmallows are crispy.

Oh so yummy!!


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Oatmeal & Coffee. -4
S: Apple. -0
L: Smart Ones, Applesauce, SF Pudding. -9
S: Carrots w/ Hummus. -2
D: 3 Slices Veggie Pizza. -18
S: 1 Packet Skinny Cow Caramel filled Chocolates. -4


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