I found an answer, but not all of them.

I still don’t have all the answers. And still don’t know what the final outcome will be.

But I do know that for right now, the one I love & myself have agreed that we won’t worry about the “what if’s” and “one day’s”, we’re going to worry about the now.

And in the now we are happy. We have a good, open line of communication. We have fun. And right now that is what is most important.

We agreed that after I graduate, next May, we’ll re-address the issue of the future. We’ll see where we both are in life & what we both want out of this relationship & we’ll go from there. It may mean baby steps. It may mean the end. It may mean a whole new beginning. But that’s not a worry for right now.


And speaking of answers!!

I had my Stats final tonight.

I got an A. As well as an A on my final project.

And thanks to all those lovely A’s, and all the lovely A’s I got on past assignments, I got an A as my FINAL GRADE in Stats!!

Yeah, I’m pretty pumped about that.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Greek yogurt & coffee. -2
L: Chicken salad sandwich, salad, SF pudding. -12
S: Banana. -0
D: Subway- 6in Steak & Cheese, Sunchips, DietCoke. -15
S: Subway- Double Chocolate Chip cookie. -6

Best way to spend an evening.

Best way to spend an evening.


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