Am I making healthier choices?

And not realizing it?

Is that possible?

This weekend I ate out at Texas Roadhouse. We ate breakfast & dinner with the one I love’s parents. I ate tons. And this morning I tracked tons. And I still have 1/2 of my WPs!

Seriously? Did I really do that?

I ate cake. And chocolate. And fried pickles. How did I do that?

I think I’m making healthier choices. I’m ordering green beans & a side salad instead of cheesy fries & mashed potatoes. I took a banana to eat with my breakfast casserole. I stuck to my portions & didn’t go back for seconds.

I’m trying to balance the good with the bad. And I think I’m doing pretty good!


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Waffle w/ 1T PB, Banana, & Coffee. -4pts
S: Greek Yogurt. -2pts
L: Tuna salad sandwich, Green pepper w/ Hummus, SF pudding w/ FF cool-whip. -9
S: Apple. -0pts
A: 30min WATP DVD
D: BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, hard apple cider. -16pts
S: something sweet! I’ll have about 3-4pts left.


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