Huge step for my WLJ + February Goal Recap

So. Huge step in my WLJ.

For some this may be nothing major. Or even worth writing a blog entry about. For me, it’s pretty damn big.

If the one I love is home & awake I won’t work out. I will not let him see me do a workout DVD. If he gets out of bed I will turn it off. If he comes downstairs Lord knows I’m going to stop my workout.

He’s just not allowed to see me do a workout DVD. I look goofy. I turn 10 shades of red. I pant because I can’t breathe. My hair starts sticking out every which way.

It’s not a pretty sight.

A sight he’s not allowed to see.

Until last night. I got to his house. He wasn’t supposed to be home for 2 more hours. I changed my clothes & put in my DVD. I started walking away my pounds. And then I get a text message saying he’s on his way home. 20 minutes later he pulls up. And he sat on the sofa while I finished the last 10 minutes of my DVD. Sweaty. Red. Panting like crazy. Hair going every which way. Looking a hot mess – literally, HOT.

But that’s ok. Because I didn’t stop my workout just because he came home. I continued & finished it.

And I’ll be doing it again tonight. No kickboxing for me since it’s starting to sleet outside.


Time to check in on how my February goals went.

1) Go to Kickboxing every single Tuesday. – Success!!
2) Get at least 14 workouts in for the month. – Pretty sure this was a fail.
3) Track 7 days a week. – Fail. I didn’t track the weekend we went out of town.
4) Lose 2% of my body weight (4.25pounds). – Fail. I lost 1 pound total.

March Goals

1) Menu plan Monday breakfast – Friday afternoon snack.
2) Workout at least 2x a week.
3) Track M-F, everything.


Today’s Plan of Attack

B: Waffle w/ 1T PB, banana, coffee. -4
S: Greek yogurt. -2
L: Shrimp tacos, rice, chips & salsa. -18
S: Apple maybe. -0
D: Chili & cornbread. -13


One thought on “Huge step for my WLJ + February Goal Recap

  1. That’s huge! I have only worked out in front of others in a class. I was doing Zumba in the living room one morning, and quit when my mom got up. I felt ridiculous.

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