Tom Petty & Pittsburgh + WIW


I’m finally going to see him play in concert!!

The tickets were expensive. Like, 2 tickets & our hotel took up my entire more than my bonus check for next month. But oh so totally worth it!

I can’t wait. It is going to be the highlight of 2013.

2 months & 2 weeks. 105ish days.

The show is in Pittsburgh, PA. 5 1/2hrs from where I am now. The one I love is going with me. Drive up Thursday for the show. Crash at the hotel. Get up Friday & maybe do some sight seeing for a bit. Then drive home.


Ok, so we were supposed to get all this snow last night. Like 2-5inches.

I got up early so I could be certain to get to work on time. I had everything laid out & ready to go for this morning.

I get up & look out the window. Nothing. Notta. No snow.


So I went back to bed.

I’m really hoping that the Roanoke area gets lots of snow. I want them to cancel my class for tonight. I’m so totally not in the mood to go to class tonight.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: waffle w/ PB, banana, coffee. -4
S: greek yogurt. -2
L: tuna salad sandwich, veggies w/ hummus, SF pudding w/ FF coolwhip. -9
S: apple. -0
D: chili w/ cheese. -8

I still have 12pts left for some kind of treat or yummy goodness.



Last Week: 211.25
This Week: 210.25
Change: -1.0

Love it!! I wish it were going faster, but 1 pound a week is a really good weight loss. If I could keep at this pace I’d be content.


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