WIW + exercise DVDs + Weekly Treat.

Last Week: 210.25
This Week: 208.75
Change: -1.50

Hell yeah!

I’ve steadily been losing around 1 pound a week for the past month. I am 100% ok with this! I’m loving that what I seem to be doing is working. I aim to use all of my DPs daily (this doesn’t happen everyday, but I do get very close) & about 1/2 of my WPs every week. Most are used on the weekends with the one I love.

I hope to continue at this pace. If I do I’ll be at my goal in about 29 more weeks. That seems like so far away, but that being said I’ve lost 14 pounds since I rejoined WW in the beginning of January.


I have school tonight.

We have a quiz at the beginning of class. I think, as long as it’s a multiple choice quiz, I’ll do good on it. Most of the information seems like common sense to me – from a consumer stand point. If it’s fill in the blank I’m screwed.

We also have a group presentation. I am prepared, but slightly worried that my part of the presentation won’t be long enough. From our understanding it’s also supposed to be part group discussion, so I have used my own personal examples & I’ve included a question to hopefully get some people talking about what they’ve done.


And speaking of school! It’s one of my favorite nights of the week.

Not because of going to class. No, not at all!!

It’s because every Wednesday night I factor in 7DPs for a Snickers & a Diet Coke. It’s like my own little treat at the end of my WW week (even though technically it’s a new WW week starting today). It’s also a reward for making it to class.

Hey, whatever gets me there, right??


I went back to kickboxing last night.

Whew! It kicked my butt but in an amazing way. I hadn’t been for a few weeks, I forgot how much I love that class. Every muscle in my body is sore. Arms, back, thighs, obliques. All of them. She’s evil but amazing.

I really am going to miss it when I start having class on Tuesday nights. I’ll have to find a new routine to do. I have some Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVDs, maybe I’ll do those once a week in place of kickboxing when Tuesday night classes start.

And speaking of DVDs, Heather gave me her The Firm Express DVD set. I plan to start that maybe next Monday – or the following. I want to get an HRM before I start that to see how many calories I’m actually burning. Plus next week I have TONS of homework I have to worry about – 2 presentations (1 group & 1 personal), an individual assignment, 4 chapters to study for a quiz, and continuing work on our final group project. Sadly, I have a feeling exercise may suffer some this coming up WW week.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: LF waffle & 1T PB, banana, coffee. -4
S: Greek yogurt. -2
L: Tuna salad sandwich, 2 mandarin oranges, SF pudding cup. -8
S: Apple or Veggies w/ Hummus. -0-2
D: Chick-Fil-A Wrap w/ FF honey mustard. -12-14
S: Snickers & Diet Coke. -7


2 thoughts on “WIW + exercise DVDs + Weekly Treat.

    • I think it’s my next class that’s 1/2 Wednesday & then switches to Tuesday nights & it goes through to the class after that (both Accounting classes) & then starting in the Fall I’ll probably be taking a class at the community college that’s on Tuesday nights.

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