WIW + School Worries + The One I Love

So, it’s weigh in day.

I stepped on the scale not expecting too much excitement. I ate more of my WPs than I normally do. I didnt exercise as many times as I normally do. Just overall a busy but lazy week.

I wasn’t upset with what I saw. I expected it. A maintain. But hey, not a gain!

And then, I logged it in my weight tracker on eTools with WW. And this is what I got:

Last Week: 208.75
This Week: 208.50
Change: -.25 pound

What?? A loss! Hells yeah!


I have class tonight.

We all know what that means!! It’s Snickers bar day!

No, but really. It means I’m stressed to the max about having two, yes TWO, presentations tonight. And a quiz.

So ready for tonight to end. (See why I have a weekly Snickers bar??)

Our group presentation I’m not overly worried about. I’ll rock that shiz. My personal presentation I’m a little nervous about. I need to review my material some more & get more comfortable with it.

I also need to review the material for the quiz.


And can I just talk about the one I love for a moment?

Why am I asking? I’m going to talk about him regardless of what you want!

Things are going so good right now. I know I said the other day how I’m jealous of my neighbor & how relationship is progressing. But really, things are great.

Maybe I’ve just fallen back into honeymoon stage or if things really are that good. But really, they’re great.

We have a good balance of sweet & lovey mixed with joking. With some minor disagreements thrown in for good measure. Enough understanding of personal time & space. But also respect for the small favors we do each other. It’s just good. All around. I want to shout it from the top of the world.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Waffle w/ 1T RF PB, banana, coffee. -4
S: Greek yogurt. -2
L: Ham sandwich, cucumber slices, SF jello. -5
S: SF pudding. -2
S: Cheese slice. -1
D: Mandarin Oranges & LO pizza. -13
S: Snickers & Diet Coke!! -7


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