WIW + School Worries

Well, the scale was up this morning. And I totally expected that to happen.

First, I expected to see the scale go up because I had 2 amazing losses the last 2 weeks. So I figured it was time for a gain. But, it went up as much as it did simple because I ate with reckless abandon this weekend. It was bad.

I have a plan for today. It’s not overly nutritious because I have class tonight & I’m limited on what I can eat there.

But, it’s a plan!


Speaking of class. I feel so overwhelmed. My teacher is great. He hates our book & says it doesn’t prepare us at all for our next class – which he’s teaching. So I’m glad that he’s focusing more on preparing us for our next class instead of what this book says.

I am still worrying about my current class though. I attempted an Accounting class a couple years ago & I struggled greatly. Struggled to the point that I ended up dropping out of it. And I find myself struggling again. Part of me even hopes that he gives us a midterm (take home, according to the syllabus) tonight so that I can work on it this weekend & hopefully get a better understanding of what I’m doing.

My plans for Sunday, regardless of if he gives us a midterm, is to sit down with the book & work on several problems from each chapter. Turn iTunes on shuffle & let it go. Get lots of studying done.

I haven’t had to study much in this program. No real tests or anything – lots of group work. This class is different & its making me nervous. I thought I hated group work until I got to this. I’d rather have a group project where I can rely on my teammates to help me instead of solo work.

Isn’t the real world set up where if I struggle with something at work I can ask for him?


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: waffle w/ PB & coffee. -4
S: banana. -0
L: ham sandwich, orange, SF pudding cup. -9
S: greek yogurt & strawberries. -2
D: turkey sandwich, SF pudding cup, & cheese stick. -11

I still have 9pts left. So maybe on my way home from class I’ll stop & get a beer. If we get out early enough.


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