Back On Track?

Goodness I hope so!

I struggled some last week. But I did manage to lose about .3# at WI yesterday, so that’s good news.

Last week was rough. Things with the one I love hit a  really rocky time for some reason – I don’t think either of us know why. My Papa was in the hospital & had surgery. And I had PMS going on. Needless to say I ate my emotions the other night – all of them. And didn’t track any of it.

But starting yesterday everything has been planned & tracked. I feel back in control. I stuck to my plan yesterday. I have a plan for today that involves yummy foods. I can so totally do this!


I made my chicken with swiss, spinach, & mushrooms the other day. Oh my goodness it was amazing!

The one I love totally loved the mushrooms. He told me next time I saute them up like that I have to make extra for him to snack on. It was so good & so easy. The hardest part was sauteing the mushrooms & spinach!

Tonight I’m making EB’s Bubble-Up Enchiladas for dinner.

I’m altering it some by adding in some jalapenos, corn, mushrooms, & if I can find it chorizo. The one I love (and myself) LOVE chorizo. It’s so good & spicy. I figure I’ll only add about ~6oz (1oz per serving)  of it – since I’m going to follow her recipe with the ground turkey I also think it will help add a little extra flavor.

I’m also going to leave out the black beans.

So, my version of the recipe is as follows:

1 1/4lb of Lean Ground Turkey
6oz Chorizo
1/2c diced jalapenos
1c frozen corn
8oz tomato sauce
10oz enchilada sauce
7.5oz can refrigerated biscuits
1c WW Mexican Blend cheese

I’ll follow her directions (follow the link for those) to cook it all.

With these ingredients it does add a few extra double the points to 14. But we both love chorizo. It’s not something I’ll make this way often just because it is 14pts a serving, but I have the extra points right now.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Oikos greek yogurt & coffee. -3
S: Banana. -0
L: LO chicken w/ swiss, mushrooms, & spinach. Spinach salad w/ Ranch. -8
S: Chobani greek yogurt. -2
D: EB Bubble-Up enchiladas. Rice-A-Roni Mexican style rice. -18
D: Blackberries & FF Cool Whip. -0


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