21 Days – Lots Going On

21 days later & I’m back!

It’s been a hard 3 weeks.

Emotional. School stuff. On plan. Off plan. Life in general. It’s all happened.

I was doing fairly decent on plan for a week or so – weekends are still hard for me, but I’ll get there. And then life happened – things with the one I love took a nose dive. I found out some information relating to “the incident” that brought everything back. (I’m still struggling some days with the knowledge I have now.) Most days are good, great even. But when things are off, they’re definitely off. We’re getting better & we’ll get back to great again.

We also discussed the future some. And what we both want. And need. And all that jazz.

I’ve also had some therapy visits that brought up lots of emotions. Oh lots & lots of emotions. The one I love is trying to be supportive of all of this, I know it’s hard on him also.


But anyway, back to the on & off plan deal I’ve had going on.

Like I’ve said in the past, posting to this also helps keep me on plan. But when all of that was going on I just didn’t want to worry about posting to a blog of Facebook page. I just wanted to curl up into a ball. Escape. Get away. Anything.

Things got so rough at one point I was beginning to push the one I love away. I took a day off work just to do nothing. I couldn’t handle it anymore.

And I ate.


If it weren’t nailed down I ate it.

If it were liquid I probably drank it.

I enjoyed Every.Single.Bite.

I didn’t work out at all. (I still haven’t started that part back up.)

And my pants got tighter. My shirts didn’t fit as well.

I gained weight. Hey, it happens right!

But I’m back at this. My goal right now is just to stay within my points. If I track that’s a bonus. I want to work out at least once this week – start small.

I think I need to start setting small goals again. Probably the same goal every week. Don’t go into the Red with my points. Exercise at least once. Lose weight.

I would LOVE to be in Onderland by the time I go to the beach, but I’m not expecting that. That gives me just over 1 month to lose 12 pounds. I really don’t expect that to happen. But maybe with dedication I can get close.


So, since I’m trying to get back on plan – let’s post a menu. I haven’t done that in a while.

Toady’s Plan of Attack:

B: McDonald’s Eggwhite Delight McMuffin -7
S: Nothing -0
L: Smart Ones, Carrots w/ Hummus – 8/9ish
S: Apple or Yogurt – 0/2
D: Pan fried pork chops, roasted asparagus, & roasted potatoes – 12
S: Angel food cake, home made fruit compote & FF cool whip – 3


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