Can I Please Catch A Break??

I seriously don’t think I can!

The one I love & myself finally got all of my home repairs finished. The roof is patched, the fence is down, the toilet handles are replaced, & the sinks are unclogged. I was feeling on top of the world. So excited to have all of that off of my to do list.

Tuesday evening I get in my car after work. It makes a horrible grinding noise & my AC doesn’t work. Ugh.

The one I love thinks I just need to have my AC recharged, roughly a $60 fix. No biggie. But if it is the compressor, which is a possibility, it’s roughly a $500 fix. Guess who won’t have AC this summer if that’s the case! He also thinks the grinding noise was my rear brakes, so also not a too pricy of a fix. I need to get all of that taken care of before I go out of town in a couple of weeks. I’m taking Suzie car to the shop Saturday morning to find out about the AC. Going to talk to the one I love about replacing my brakes for me before I leave so I don’t have to pay shop fees.


I’m really trying to stay on my plan & not let all of these money issues, fears & my insecurities in general derail me. I do have a real problem with emotional eating. I’m trying to plan out every.single.point for the day. I’ve found if I do that & don’t leave myself with any wiggle room I actually do better. So that’s what I’m trying to do for right now.


And speaking of the one I love. I don’t know what to do tonight, and I realize I am totally over thinking it all!

He’s going to a friend’s house for some man time, told me I can stay with him & that’s fine. All of my stuff is there. My lunch stuff for tomorrow. My clothes. My dog. I would have to drive 40 minutes after work to his house, pack up, & drive 35 minutes home if I wanted to go home. Do-able, but a pain in the ass.

But I feel like since he’s wanting some man time I should go home tonight.

I realize all of this is in my head. I know this is just my insecurity showing it’s ugly head. I wish I didn’t think like this. I’m giving the man his space & his man time. I’m not inviting myself along or fussing that he’s hanging out with the guys. (Yes, I do wish I were invited because said guy has a live in girlfriend, but I will not invite myself because he needs his time.) But I just feel weird going back to his house to hang out & wait for him to get home.

Which is super dumb because I was doing it all the time before.

Ugh. Fucking insecurities.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Oatmeal & coffee. -4
S: Light yogurt. -2
L: Turkey sandwich, pickles, SF pudding. -8
S: Carrots w/ hummus. -2
D: Mini frozen pizza & salad. -14
S: Angel food cake w/ FF cool whip. -4


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