Winning Makes Any Day Better

It’s still been a pretty rough few days.

Just dealing with my own list of insecurities. My own fears.

I had talked to the one I love. We had agreed if he were going out of town I’d go along. Turns out we’re not going after all.

And Wednesday evening I drank too much. I got emotional. It was just down right horrible. We didn’t fight or argue, but I was def in a mood. And that mood did NOT help us.

Last night was better. Still not fixed.

Tonight I think we’re staying in. I’m ok with that. I’ll run my errands & then head to his place.

Bake some cupcakes for the work cookout tomorrow. Relax. Hopefully have a good time with the one I love.


But even if this evening sucks, I won something today!

I won the new Bon Jovi cd & a chance to fly to Chicago to see them perform.

I have a 1 in 140 chance to winning. So cross your fingers, because that would be freakin amazing!


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