Finally a Good Weekend

It’s about damn time!

It was exactly what we needed. And it’s been a long time in the making.

I decided I have to chose to be happy. I can’t keep dwelling on things. That’s not to say that there will never be another bad day. That I will never get in an off mood. That I won’t ever again worry about my future with the one I love. It just means that can not be my main focus.

We’ve both done some soul searching & talking with friends. Some trying to figure out how things are and where they’re going. We haven’t figured that part out yet.

Friday night we had dinner with his parents & then went back to his place. Bed early & read books like old people until we fell asleep. Saturday he had to work but met me after work for my office lake party. We had a blast. And Sunday was a great lazy day, ending with dinner with some good friends. And then bed early to red like old people, again.

It was exactly what we needed. No stress. No fuss. Just relaxing fun.


We did talk some about the future and things. But not a lot. And I didn’t prompt the convo!

Said he had discussed it all with some friend of his & both of them told him to just propose to me. That we are good together, we aren’t getting any younger, yadda yadda, all that jazz. I told him to take his time until he is ready. That right now, I would say yes, but I wouldn’t be ready to set a wedding date – at least not one in the near future.

We also talked about finances & how we believe a couple should split things up. That it is not one person’s responsibility to support. Both parts of the couple should contribute equally to the household bills. After that, they can spend their money on whatever makes them happy – as long as it is legal & doesn’t put a burden on the household funds.


I do believe we are making progress towards a future together. We are taking steps, albeit small slow tiny baby steps. But steps.


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