I Quit WW

But it’s ok!! I have a plan.

I’m taking the rest of the month of June off. I just can’t stand the idea of tracking anymore. Of worrying about how many points is this. Of stressing about how I really need to focus on my WLJ & get back on track. I’m tired of feeling bad for “wasting my money” on WW.

I just need a couple weeks off.

Not like off-off where I’m going to go buck wild with my eating habits. But I don’t want to stress so much over it.

I also think I’m too used to WW. I know how the plan works. I know the points values for some foods off the top of my head. There isn’t much effort I’m having to put into the thought process for WW. I need a change. Something that is going to make me focus again.

So, starting July 1 I have a plan.

I found a website that told me how many calories to eat daily to lose weight & how when to add in some higher calorie days.

  Maintenance Fat Loss Extreme Fat Loss
Monday 2111 1689 1680
Tuesday 1689 1680 1680
Wednesday 2533 2027 2016
Thursday 2111 1689 1680
Friday 1900 1680 1680
Saturday 2322 1858 1849
Sunday 2111 1689 1680

I plan on following the Fat Loss section, not the extreme fat loss. I’ll probably switch my higher calorie days. I have Wednesday at just around 2000 calories & Saturday at around 1850 calories. It would be better for me to switch those two.

So, my July 1 goals are as follows:

1) Start July 1
2) Don’t step on the scale between July 1 – July 31
3) Follow this calorie plan
4) Keep healthy easy meal ideas on hand at all times
5) Do at least 20 miles of walking in the month (WATP dvds or actual walks)
6) Track with MFP or SparkPeople


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