Update Time!!

Yes, it’s been a few days.

Ok, almost 2 weeks.

Let’s be honest, I’m not the best at keeping up with this blog.

That being said, lots has happened in the past couple weeks.

I had my trip to see Tom Petty. *swoon* I’m so ready to go see him again. It was amazing. So totally worth the crazy long drive and way too much money that I spent.

Walked around Pittsburgh for a bit. Went & ate at Primante Brothers. It was really good. Walked around the Strip District. Bought lots of chocolate. Went to the Church Brew Works. Found a beer distributer & brought back 3 cases of beer. Survived the Penn Turnpike, twice. Overall, it was lots of fun.

I’m going to the beach tomorrow. So no updates for a few more days. But hey, at least I am writing today!

Things with the one I love are going good. We’ve had some ups & downs the past couple weeks, but nothing too big or worrisome.

We have date night planned for Saturday night. Dinner. Some local sight seeing. And flowers. I told him I want flowers. I love flowers. And that’s the only part of date night he has to figure out – what flowers to get me.

I’ve had some crazy ass dreams involving the one I love. I keep dreaming that he’s breaking up with me to date someone else. Things are going good with us & I don’t at all think that’s a possibility. I googled the meaning & it said it was because I feel like he is being distant. He was at first, but we talked about that & worked through it & things are good again. So who knows. All I know is I keep having these dreams & I could really use a good date night. (Esp since we ran into her again right before I went out of town.)


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