Day 2 – Join a Gym?

For serious??


Uhh, yeah. It just happened like that.

Planned on taking a nice walk at lunch to help me get in some activity – seeing as Spark People feels as though I need to burn 770 calories this week. Mother Nature apparently had a different idea though. So instead took my happy little big butt down to Anytime Fitness and asked about a membership. And somehow, I ended up with a 12 month membership.


But I think I’ll really like this place. They have a location right by my office & one about 10 minutes from where the one I love lives. That one will be open in about 2 months. They have great staffed hours. Very nice & new equipment. Video classes (no real classes, but that’s ok). Lots of security – which is super nice. So overall, I’m happy with my decision. And since I stopped WW ($19/month) I’m really only paying an additional $20/month for my weight loss/fitness stuff. So I’m ok with that also.


And on another note – the one I love is back on 2nd shift this week. Boo, hiss, groan. All that icky stuff.

It’s been raining too much for him to work outside, so he’s back inside, on his old shift. Not home. Blah. I hate when he works 2nd shift. It means less time with him. No evenings out. No coming home & cooking him dinner & then watching TV. No reading in bed together.

Yes, I realize I sound like an old woman! Leave me alone.

I’ll stop fussing about it now. Besides, it should only be for a week or so.


I finally finished my final Accounting exam last night. Blah. I think I did horrible on it. Seriously. It was hard!

Now all I have to do is turn in my answer sheet by 6pm today & I’m done with Accounting.

I’m a little sad about that actually. Ok, I lied – not so sad about no more Accounting. But I loved that professor. He was great. Funny, helpful, good at explaining things in stupid people terms. I’m really going to miss being in his class.

But at least my next teacher is pretty cool also.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Granola bar, banana, coffee. – 247cal
S: Greek yogurt. – 120cal
L: Turkey pita sandwich, baked beans, pickle. – 519cal
S: Cashews & cheese stick. – 162cal
D: Taco salad & cottage cheese. – 559cal
S: 2 Trader Joe’s Cookies. – 180cal
A: 30min of cardio.


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