Mopey Day + WIM

I’m having it. Something awful.

But I have a plan for today. My day is full to the max!

The one I love & myself discussed a few things this weekend. Some things I didn’t even realize were bothering him. I wish he had told me earlier so I could have changed these things instead of holding it all in. But anyway, now I’m feeling mopey.

I had to go back to my house this week. The possible new roommate is coming to check out the house this weekend. I have lots left to do around the house to get ready for her to come check it out. Part of me doesn’t really want to rent that room out – but she wants to use the furniture in there & it’s extra money in my pocket every month. But either way, even if she doesn’t rent it out I’m going to start doing some changes to that room.

I want to paint the walls a nice latte color. And 1 wall I want an olivey green color. But not something that’s going to look army color scheme like. Some curtains. Make a headboard for in there. Get a nice slip-cover for the big comfy chair. Put the book shelf in there & a small MDF dresser. Get a small flat screen tv to place in there as well. Tons of plans – just need to start doing it.

The time at home will be good for the one I love & myself. But with my mopey mood I could totally just sit & emotional eat all day long. So I’ve made a plan for every night this week. I’m going to work on cleaning the house some more each night & I’ve broken it all up into a room every day.

Tonight – Kitchen
Tomorrow – Livingroom
Wednesday – Upstairs landing & Bathroom
Thursday/Friday – Storage stuff

Hopefully this will keep me busy this week since I’ll be alone. Also going to the gym in the evenings with the coworker. So I won’t have any time to emotional eat!

Went grocery shopping at lunch to get things to make healthy lunches & dinners. I have leftover pizza tonight for dinner & probably a side salad. I got stuff to make grilled chicken salads & baked potatoes with chili for lunches. Meatloaf 1 night for dinner (and probably leftovers).

I’m going to try to make it to the gym at least 3x this week. Today & tomorrow are guaranteed days with the coworker. The rest of the week will be as I have time. Possibly Thursday. Wednesday the one I love might come over for dinner & to help me clean some – I might put him to work weed eating out front.


On a different note, today was my first weigh in while following SparkPeople.

Last Week: 222
This Week: 220.75
Difference: -1.25

Down 1.25 pounds this week. Pretty excited about all that.

I really lost control over the weekend. Lots of food & drinks. I need to do better this week. Hopefully with so much going on I won’t be able to lose control as easily.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Granola bar & coffee. – 140
S: Greek yogurt. – 120
L: Sushi & cottage cheese. – 455
S: Cashews & cheese stick. – 162
A: 30min Elliptical?
D: 2 Leftover pizza slices & side salad. – 767

Still haven’t just over 100 calories left for the day. 🙂 Might have to find something sweet at home as a nice treat this evening.


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