Eating Clean?

I’ve been reading a lot more about people eating clean.

I admire these people.

The dedication they have. The effort they are putting forth the better their bodies.

Me? I’m relying on granola bars – the ones in the cereal isle, not the vitamin isle. On flavored yogurts. On low-fat, reduced-fat, and fat-free foods. I rely on the “on the go” meals. The quick & easy stuff. The grab it as I’m running out the door & eat breakfast on the way to work.

How do these people do this? How do they dedicate so much time & effort into preparing these delicious looking meals. How are these people so much less lazy than me??

I love to cook. I find it fun. But it is time consuming. I need to start small. I will never be a clean eater. Let’s just put that out there. It’s not me. I will always rely, at least in part, on the easy meals. The quick meals. The grab-and-go meals. But I can start cooking small meals. Even pre-cooking parts of them.

Since recommitting to my diet I don’t think I’ve eaten any frozen meals for lunch. I do eat granola bars almost daily for breakfast, but I pair that with a banana. So I think something I will strive to do next week is cook breakfast. At least 2 days during the week. 1 scrambled egg, with 2 scrambled egg whites, 2 slices of turkey bacon, & a banana is only 10 calories more than I eat now for breakfast – eating a prepackaged granola bar & a banana. Seriously? I can so totally do that. So next week, 2 days. That is all I’m committing to. But I can do it.

This is my start. If it’s out there I have to do it, right?


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Granola bar, banana, coffee. – 245
S: Greek yogurt. – 130
L: Turkey sandwich, cottage cheese w/ pineapple. – 420
S: Almonds & cheese stick. – 149
D: Pork loin, green beans, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob. – 667


2 thoughts on “Eating Clean?

    • Haha. I’m good. Jesse already gets up at that time, so hopefully I’ll get in the habit of not sleeping so late after he gets up.

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