Lowered my Calorie Range

I started out this journey with my calorie range between 1750-2100. At first this was a great range for me. That’s how skewed my eating had been, I was cutting back on my food intake and still eating up to 2100 calories!

But now that I’m a month in and this is becoming a habit, it was time to lower that range. I changed my range on SP from 1200-1600. I tend to hover around the 1400-1500 range most days, some days a little lower. This is working for me. I’m full. I’m satisfied. If I want a sweet treat or glass of wine I can still have it.

I’m also spending more time in the gym. And making more time for the gym. I enjoy it. Ok, that’s a lie – I tolerate it. I do much better when I have a workout buddy. After work today will be a struggle. But, I enjoy the way I feel afterwards. And that’s what matters.


And on a non-fitness/diet related note. Can I just say how stressed I am about school??

I have so much to do! This week I have to do my article review (2 pages), my 8 You assignments, a comprehensive paper about ALL of the You assignments so far (16 chapters worth, 2 assignments for each chapter) and how they relate to me. That’s just individual work. Group work we have a Case Analysis due about NASA (snooze fest) that has to be at least 3 pages, and we need to start doing research for our final project. Yeah – stressed to the max.

And I really won’t have any time to work on it this weekend! The one I love’s friends from college are coming to visit. I don’t know how much time I’ll have to break away and do some homework. So my plan is tonight, knock out the 8 You assignments & get a rough draft of my part for our CA. Tomorrow, knock out my article review. After they leave this weekend I’ll focus on my You paper & doing some research.



Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Special K sandwich, banana. – 285
S: Greek yogurt. – 120
L: Baked potato w/ chili & cheese, salad. – 442
S: Cottage cheese w/ pineapple. – 100
A: 30 min at gym
D: Tacos Al Pastor, Spanish rice. – 672

Total: 1661

Yes, I realize this goes over the calorie range that I just lowered myself to. But that’s ok. It’s 61 calories. I am not going to fret over it. It’s a few more calories than I’d use on dinner, but I am going to enjoy the yummy meal the one I love is making for me. He’s not a big veggie man, so it’s meat & rice for us tonight.


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