Type II Diabetes?

Not me. But my Granny.

She’s in denial. Refusing to learn about healthier options. Blaming the doctors. It’s not pretty. My mom has offered to go on the restricted diet with her so she has support. She offered to take her to the grocery store to help her find sugar free options. She just refuses. I know it will take some time to adjust to what she’s just been told.

I really hope she gets serious about this. It will help her in so many ways. It will regulate the issues she has now related to the type 2 diabetes. It will help her lose weight. Which will then in turn help take some of the strain off of her joints, which have all been replaced. But she’s so damn stubborn.

I need to do some research of my own. Find ways to possibly fix things at holidays that are better for her (and all of us). Find out what factors play into type 2 diabetes. What I personally need to be aware of in my future. This diagnosis for my granny has really made me want to focus on getting healthier and making smarter choices. I won’t do a complete overhaul of my life, but I do believe it will make me much more conscious of the decisions I’m making, about the food I’m putting in my body, the workouts I’m skipping.


And speaking of being more aware of the foods I’m putting into my body! I made some freakin’ amazing egg white muffins last night. They came out to 90 calories for 2 egg muffins. I paired that with 2 slices of turkey bacon & a banana. My breakfast was 245 calories & so filling.


Egg White Muffins

12 T 2% shredded cheddar cheese
12 t whole milk
36 T of egg whites (I used the carton of egg whites)
12 cherry tomatoes, diced
12 (roughly) T of diced red onion
salt/pepper/garlic to taste

I measure everything out individually into the muffin tin. Another way would be to place your “filling” in the tin, and then combine all other ingredients in a bowl & fill evenly. (Last time I used a bowl I added EVERYTHING – some muffins had lots of filling, others had very little.) Bake at 375 for 20 minutes. They will be super puffy when you take them out of the over but will quickly shrink down to little sized.

I let them all cool completely & placed them in a gallon sized zip-lock bag & then in the fridge. This morning I took 2 out & microwaved them for 1 minute, then topped with hot sauce.


I think these will be a weekend staple for me to make. Breakfast this morning seriously took me all of 5 minutes to make! And that included cooking the bacon (in the microwave of course, so no dishes to clean up!). I can totally handle that. For 30 minutes of work I have breakfast all week long.

Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: 2 egg white muffins, 2 slices turkey bacon, coffee, banana. – 245 cal
S: Greek yogurt. – 130 cal
L: Salad w/ chicken/craisins/carrots/cucumber/tomato/onion/mozzarella cheese/balsamic vinaigrette, SF pudding cup. – 443 cal
A: 10min elliptical, 20min kickboxing – 325 cal burned
S: Cottage cheese w/ strawberries. – 100 cal
D: Subway Steak & Cheese sandwich. – 440 cal
S: 2 Trader Joe’s cookies. – 180 cal


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