I should totally be doing HW…

I also need to clean my house. Do some dishes. And some laundry.

But instead I’m fiddle-farting around the interwebs avoiding it.

We have a huge final project due on Wednesday. I also have my own individual assignment due. I volunteered to put together our powerpoint, but honestly, I have no idea how to do our project! But damnit, I can rock a powerpoint. My goal for today is to get the rough draft of that baby done & then work on a little research, my individual project, and then head back over to the one I love’s house.

I also hope to get a gym trip in today. Since I’m back over on my side of town the gym isn’t too far away. Yes, I realize I could easily come over here every weekend and hit up the gym. But let’s be honest here people, that’s not going to happen. I am not driving 40 minutes to go to the gym.


So, my wedding dress came in. Let me clarify, I am not getting married. I did not order a wedding gown. I ordered a dress to wear to the 4, yes 4, weddings we have to go to this fall. And it is hot. I put it on the other day and the one I love declared that I look sexy in it. Except it’s a little tight in the belly area. Sad day for me. I have a month to reduce the belly and get into that baby perfectly. If all else fails, I’ll take my pudgy belly to Macy’s & buy me some high raise panties! Hell-o old lady undies!! (whatever works, right?)

cry-danger-dress 1 cry-danger-dress-body-back-z










I seriously can not wait to wear this thing out. I told the one I love he’s going to have to take me on a hot date when it fits perfectly. I have never felt so sexy in a dress.

That’s my first WLG right now – get into this bad boy! After that, I’ll figure out a new one. Maybe then I’ll buy a new article of clothing to fit into.


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