Yay for good weekends.

Seriously. I needed that.

I got my homework finished. I got to hang out with good friends. I helped the one I love work on his Bronco. I ate good food. I walked. Overall, I just relaxed. And it was great.

I haven’t had a weekend where I wasn’t stressed about school, work, my relationship, or any other issue out there in so long. It was nice to just to have fun. I really need to learn to let go of some things.

I was very worried about this weekend. (Again, back to the fact that I need to learn to let things go.) The one I love is back on second shift. I was wanting to spend time with him because I haven’t in a week (unless you count the 5 hours in bed from when he gets home to when I get up for work.) I knew he was going to want to work on his Bronco. Usually when he’s on second shift we have issues about “me” time vs “us” time. This weekend we found a good balance. While he was working on his Bronco I parked my butt on a chair in his shop & worked on my homework. No, we weren’t really doing anything together, but we were together, and that’s what I needed. He didn’t seem to mind me there and a couple times I even helped out.

This weekend we’re going to start watching Duck Dynasty from season 1. We both like the show but never really followed it. The DVDs were $10 each at Walmart. So that will be our new thing to do on the weekends. It gives me something to look forward to as far as “us” time is concerned. Which I need.

Work evals are soon. Blah. I hate that time of year. My supervisor never has much positive to say. I always feel beat down & like I’m not important to this place. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Who knows. All I know is I don’t always feel like it. I seriously need to find a job where I feel important.


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