Can I do a WLJ blog AND a baking blog??

Is that possible?

Or will I totally counteract all of my dieting efforts?

Is it totally dorky to ask for nothing but baking things for Christmas/birthday presents? Seriously. I want silpats, and a rolling pin, and cookie cutters. Things of this nature. I mean, I’m a grown woman, do I really need anything? I’ve gotten to the point that now I have wants again, not needs.

But seriously, baking is such a stress relief for me. I find it so much fun. And relaxing. I enjoy it so much. I love learning different things about baking. And realizing how much I can do. So, except some baking – not healthy – things showing up soon on this blog. And hopefully I’ll be able to continue my weight loss at a fairly steady pace.

And speaking of my WLJ. I’m back down (well, as of last week) to 212. Hopefully tomorrow morning will be down a little more. But it could be up. My body seems to be comfortable here, and I’ve got to find a way to break that. I just have zero motivation to work out right now. My motivation is to learn to bake. And cook. And eat all of the yumminess I create. I need to snap myself out of this. Or continue to find healthy recipes and substitutions to make my food more diet friendly. That way I can eat my yummy, flavorful foods and still eat my sweets.


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