Domestic Kind of Night

That’s how I’m feeling. Not like cleaning or anything. Just planning on baking like a mad woman. I’m really wanting to make some cinnamon buns. I’m thinking I might bake some up tonight & pair that with some scrambled eggs & some bacon for breakfast tomorrow.

Sunday we’re having dinner & Duck Dynasty night. Crock pot chili. Hot ham & cheese rolls. Triple chocolate cookies.

I also intend to pick up some crocheting things at the store today & plan on learning how to crochet. Oh yeah, don’t mind me being little Miss Suzie Homemaker.


The crockpot chili recipe is my own. I never make it the same way twice. I just brown up some ground beef & throw a bunch of things into the crockpot. Beans, diced tomatoes & tomato sauce. Seasonings. Frozen corn. Whatever I have in the house.

The other recipes I’ve found via Pinterest or Google.

Easy No Yeast Cinnamon Buns – I plan on making these, but making just a basic glaze with powdered sugar & milk instead of the cream cheese & butter.

Hot Ham & Cheese Rolls – Plan on making these with some type of refridgereated dough & probably with pepperjack cheese.

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies – It’s the Pioneer Woman, there is nothing to change.


I’m going to enjoy this weekend and totally veg out like it’s my job. Starting Monday I am going to try to recommitt myself to my weight loss journey. I hope I can find my motivation. I really do want to get back below 200 pounds. I honestly feel like if I could get there I’d be happier with myself. I just feel so.. blah.. about the way I look. I don’t feel like I look good in any of my clothes. I need to fix that. And there is only one way to do that. Self control & motivation. I have to find both.

After Sunday.


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