Seriously, I fail at dieting

I just do. I suck at it. I have gained back all the weight I lost. Plus a couple of pounds. My mindset is not in it. At least not the exercise part. It’s gross. And I get sweaty. And all I really want to do is sit on the couch and watch TV. I can totally handle the food part of this thing. For the most part. There are times where I crave chocolate, or beer, or chocolate beer. And I might have too much of one, or all, of these things.

And it doesn’t help that I absolutely love to bake. And I’m sorry, some things just aren’t as good if you use “fake” sugar, or whatever.

It also doesn’t help that Dog is coming back to us. The one I love’s cousin was going to take him. After one day he decided he didn’t have enough time to give to dog, or the money. So now he’s returning to us & we’re continuing the search to find him a forever home. A girl from work & her beau are coming over tomorrow night to meet Dog. It’s seriously going to break my heart to give him to them. I know it would probably be good, and I’ll still get regular pictures of him, because, yes, this is a requirement! But knowing I won’t get to see him is going to kill me. Thinking about it makes me want to cry. I can’t even imagine what will happen when it’s time for someone to come pick him up. I will sit and cry. And possibly curl up with his blanket. And drink lots of wine. Oh yes, I feel this is what will happen.

Meet Dog.

Meet Dog.

Thankfully, I have date night with the bestie this weekend. And my job is to supply dessert. I can so totally handle that. The way I’ve been feeling all I want to do is bake. So it’ll be good for me to have that time with her & be able to bake my little heart out.

I’m also hardcore stressing over my class tonight. Last night I had a midterm in my Religion class. Tonight I have my Econ final, a presentation, and have to turn in my final paper. Seriously. Stressing. My paper is completed. I just have to print it out. My presentation is pretty much done, I have to figure out my speaking part, but I’ll basically just take all of it from my paper. And my exam, well, pray for me.

But on a positive WLJ note, I did a 5k this weekend! Not just any 5k, I did the Dirty Girl Mud Run! It took us roughly an hour, and we had a blast doing. But were insanely sore the following few days. Climbed under things, through the mud, over things, in things. I want to do it again so bad. And this might be gross, but I still have dirt under my toe nails!




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