Yeah, I’m craving it. Like woah.

I have been for a while. I prefer mine to be more like chili-mac. A little more spicy. A little cheesy. It needs to be made ASAP. And probably will be this weekend.

I’ve been fiddle-farting around the inter-webs today & have found a few recipes I’m taking inspiration from. I really hope it turns out good.

I’ve also really been craving some penne in vodka cream sauce. That may be my next adventure in food land.


On another note, Dog is now on the waiting list at the No-Kill Shelter here. It’s so totally going to break my heart to give him up. I’m sure there will be copious amounts of wine consumed & lots of tears shed the day he leaves us. But we just can’t keep him. As much as I love him & would love to keep him, it’s just not possible. We already have 2 dogs – they are plenty to handle, esp in a small house.

And I know what the one I love was trying to do. He’s had me be in charge of all 3 dogs the past couple of days. I know this was his way of saying “I told you so” without having to say the words, and without having to tell me that we can’t keep Dog. He let me come to that decision on my own.

I’m going to miss that little guy. Every time I think about when the day comes I’ll have to give him up I can feel that dreaded throat lump. I know I’ll be a giant blubbering mess whenever that day comes.


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