Can you actually be addicted to food?

There are so many things I’m wanting to write about; like this guy who wrote the 16 ways he ruined his marriage  & how I think everyone needs to read this article – I’m feeling pretty “deep” today, for lack of a better word. But I think food addiction sounds like a good one for today’s topic.

A friend of mine, and fellow blooger, Heather, mentioned in her post yesterday the struggles that those of us who try to “diet” go through. The comments from others about “Just eat less & move more & the weight will come off.” Well, that’s great advice, and it’s very true advice, but let’s be honest here – most of us who are struggling with our weight didn’t get here becaue we like to “eat less.” We got here because we crave food. We turn to food for comfort, encouragement, celebration. We secret eat when no one is around because we’re lonely. We turn to food when we’re bored and want something to do. When we got into a fight with our significant other and want to feel better. We turn to food when we found out we just got that promotion we’ve been so hoping for and want to celebrate.

Birthdays. Anniversaries. Deaths. New jobs. Retirements. All of it revoles around food. All of it!

So how do you tell a food addict to “just eat less” and expect this to be possible?

Food is everywhere we look! You can’t drive down the road and not pass a fast food joint, gas station, or grocery store. Hell, you can’t even sit in your own home! For a food addict, no where is safe from food.

Eat All The Foods

Food is our drug. It’s what we turn to for any situation that needs fixing, or even that doesn’t need fixing. And the hard part about our drug of choice, not only is it legal to eat – it’s required to live! You can’t just stop eating and magically be cured of your bad habits with food. You have to train yourself. You have to work hard. You have to stay motivated. And you know what’s even worse about all of this – what does a food addict, most likely, turn to when they’ve had a bad day trying to stay focused & motivated to break their addiction? Food. It’s what we’re used to doing. But people don’t see this as an addiction, because like I said before – food is required for life. Therefore it’s not a “relapse” just a “bad day on your diet, you’ll get back to it.”

No. That is false. It is a relapse. Plain & simple. You wouldn’t look at a recovering alcoholic who had a couple drinks after a bad day that it was “just a bad day & you’ll get back to it.” You would listen to them. You would get them the help that the need. Why do we not do this for our friends out there struggling with food addiction? I had a bad day – I came home and ate 4 cupcakes. Please. Help me. Listen to me. Let me talk it out. Let me vent. And cry if need be – even if it’s something totally dumb. Holding it in makes it worse. Because on top of trying to deal with whatever petty thing I’m dealing with, resisting the urge to not eat is the hardest part. And just talking to me gets those emotions out. I might still turn to the cupcake, but chances are I’ll only have 1 after we talk.


2 thoughts on “Can you actually be addicted to food?

  1. Completely! I know for myself I turn to food to get those emotions out. Sometimes just talking to somebody helps so much. I might still turn towards food – but at least I’m most likely to eat way less.

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