Cranky Pants Magoo!

Seriously… that boy is just cranky. And I don’t know what to do about it.

Give him space? Be understanding? Ignore him?

I’ve tried all of the above.

It started yesterday. Almost as soon as he woke up. Or as soon as he woke up for all I know – I was already at work. But everything I said wasn’t right. I’d tell him I was sorry he was having a bad day, I’d get a snippy response back. I’d tell him I hope his day gets better – snippy response. We’re supposed to go out of town this weekend but it looks as though he’ll be hauling cattle for his dad. I offered to wait until later to leave since we don’t have a certain time we have to leave by. Snippy response.

I mean, I’m completely waiting for a fight to happen the way he’s been acting. And I haven’t done anything!

I finally told him last night that I felt like everything I said to him was wrong. I was going to leave him alone. That I loved him. Hoped his night got better. And I’d see him when I got home. He replied, semi-nice. And 2 hours later asked if I was made or something.

Um.. no. Not mad. You’re being a butt. I’m going to leave you alone. I’m tired of having my head bit off.

He was even cranky in his sleep.

So, I’ll give him space. Or whatever he needs. I’m sure he thinks I’m mad at him. I told him this morning that I fed the dogs except 1 – because she wouldn’t get out of bed. All he said back to.. “K”. That was it. I’ve heard nothing else. (Granted, I haven’t said anything else to him either – out of fear of the head biting)

I just don’t know what to do. Do I let this play out? Do I go about my plans tomorrow & not worry about what he’s doing? Do I try to be super sweet girlfriend & risk head-bitage? Seriously, what do I do??


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