Snow? Really?

I can’t believe the weather is calling for snow flurries.

I don’t know why I don’t believe this. It’s 2 months until Christmas. I was just looking at signing up for the Jingle Bell Run 5k this December. All of this equals cold. Which, here in VA, equals snow.

I’m just not ready for it yet.

And speaking of the Jingle Bell Run 5k – I think I’m going to do it. I hardly workout. And by hardly, I mean ever. Let’s be honest – I hate the gym. I pay $40 a month in hopes that it will somehow just suck the fat off of me without me actually having to go to the gym. It’s not working yet.

But anyway, back on topic here! I want to sign up for it. And I want to beat my old time – which was around 40 minutes. (Don’t judge me! It was a 5k. In December. In a town they call the “Hill City” – it sucked.) And I’m going to start “training” this weekend. I’m not going to follow C25K or anything. I tried that before & it just didn’t work for me. It’s great, but I found I got bored. I do better when I set my own intervals. So I’ll play around with my phone stopwatch & set up my own intervals to run to. And I’ll keep trying to push myself to be better.

I don’t expect at all to be able to run the entire thing. But I want to do better than I did 3 years ago – when I was 30 pounds lighter. I want to beat that time.


And on a different note!

I’m back to cooking!

Tonight I will be making a chicken & veggie stir fry with cellophan noodles. I don’t really have a recipe, but I’ll post how I make it later. I really hope it’s yummy. I made something similar a while ago with shrimp. So I’m really hoping this is good. Last time I just just the store bought stir fry sauce – which I’ll be using again tonight because I already have it on hand. But I’ll probably add some other things to it. I can’t wait to get home & cook my dinner!


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Bob Evans Breakfast Bake – 150cal
S: Greek Yogurt – 120cal
L: 2c Soup & 1 small apple – 330cal
S: RF Cheese stick & 11 almonds – 135cal
D: Chicken Stir Fry – ????

I might even try to make it to the gym after work today. May as well start my 5k stuff now.


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