Weekend Update!!

Weekend update time!

Sorry I’m so horrible with posting on the weekends – I’m never around a working internet connection.

First off, my hair. I love it. It is nothing like the picture I posted the other day. But it is super cute. When I first left the salon I was not a happy camper. Even after I got home and played around with it I still wasn’t super happy. It wasn’t until the next day when I 100% fixed it myself that I truly like my hair. And at times even love it. So happy I did this.

Secondly, my eating. It was awful. All weekend. Saturday I met my mom for lunch. And by lunch I mean appetizer, meal, and dessert! So yummy!! I didn’t have a real dinner, just drinks & snacking at a wedding party/football watching with some friends. Sunday. Oh goodness the food. Waffle House for breakfast & Papa John’s for dinner. Lots of Papa John’s for dinner.

But on that note, my scale was still down this morning. And ultimately, that’s what matters. Ok, no, that is not the ultimate goal, but it is a goal. And that just goes to show me how BAD my diet was before this week. If I can eat like a crazy lady with raging PMS and still lose weight, how was I eating just a week ago?

As far as my menu today. It’s healthy. It’s yummy. And apparently it’s really low in points, leaving me plenty for a snack later. I didn’t try to make it so low in points, just lots of what I had was way lower than I expected. So I currently have 8 points left at the end of the day, and that includes ice cream!

Daily Menu:

B: Protein bar & banana – 5pts
S: Greek Yogurt – 3pts
L: Turkey sandwich, salad, clementines. – 7pts
S: Cheese stick & apple. – 1pt
D: Honey mustard glazed chicken, honey carrots, broccoli, & roasted potatoes. – 8pts
S: ½ cup Rocky Road ice cream. – 5pts


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