Binges Happen. Right?

At least they do to me.




The scale was up this week. 3 pounds. I expected that. Ok, I didn’t expect 3 pounds, but I did fully expect the scale to be up this week. And that’s ok. It will come back down.

At least it will if I stop doing what I did last night. Ugh.

I had a lovely day planned out, food wise. And I stayed fairly on plan with that day. Until after dinner. I sat down and ate my planned cake. And then I ate velvetta dip with chips. And some potato salad. And some rolls with honey. Oh yes, it was bad.

Eat All The FoodsSeriously. Bad.

But, I’ve tracked it all. And I will move on. I still have 22 of my WPs left. Sadly, I used 27 of them yesterday – right after they reset!! I can get through this week.

I have dinner out tonight & a wedding on Saturday. But I can, and will, do this.


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