Thanksgiving Break is Officially Over

And it’s back to school for me!

Whew, stress time to the max! I have so much to do before Wednesday. Thanks to the holiday my book hasn’t even shipped yet! It’s supposed to arrive by Wednesday, I don’t think that will happen. So I’ve printed off all of the HW & reading to work on tonight. I also need to work on my vocab list for my Religion course.

It’s going to be a long couple of evenings.

On another note, Thanksgiving was good. I ate dinner with Mr. Chocolate’s family. We had a good time & it was nice seeing everyone. I didn’t get to see my family though, which sucked, but I will be home for Christmas which is only 23 days away!

I didn’t make my pumpkin spice cookies for the family, but I did make them for Mr. Chocolate & myself with dinner last night. So good! He requested that I make them again, and he doesn’t have a sweet tooth. So that was awesome.

And speaking of baking & Mr. Chocolate, we were discussing some household things this weekend & it’s almost like we’re moving closer to officially living together. It’s still no where in the near future, but it’s closer than it was. He told me I need to start hanging my clothes up if my drawer is full. Also told me that I need to bring my KitchenAid to his house since I like to bake/cook so much & he has the room for it since it’s not being used at my house. Um.. what? So, these things will be happening. Maybe I’ll take over a different closet instead of his, but still, improvements.


Today’s Plan of Attack:

B: Protein bar, banana, coffee. – 5pts
S: Yogurt. – 3pts
L: Soup & salad. – 6pts
S: Carrots & Hummus. – 2pts
D: Pesto chicken, pasta, & salad??. – ???


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