What I Ate Wednesday {12*3}

Lots of yumminess!

B: Granola bar, banana, coffee. -5pts
S: Greek yogurt. -3pts
L: Progresso soup, salad. – 6pts
S: Hummus, carrots, & cheese stick. -3pts
D: Subway Steak & Cheese, Sunchips. -17pts

What I Ate Wednesday

What I Ate Wednesday

So good. So easy. And I still have 1 point left for something later. Probably nothing. Because, let’s be honest here, I have no clue what I can eat for 1 point.


Can I just say how awesome it is that my Christmas shopping is almost completely done?? Thanks to Amazon.com and a couple other random websites. I do still have a few little things I need to get for Mr. Chocolate, my dad, and the Bestie. But yay for being almost done!


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