Man Crush Monday {12*9}


Seriously. I love that man.

He is totally my man crush Monday on a regular basis. Like every Monday. Even when he is super duper crank face all weekend.

So I have decided to make Mondays about him. Sorta. A little bit. Haha.

Ok, let’s rephrase that. I’ll just be making a small list of the wonderful things he does that I love.

1) You’re letting me have a Christmas tree & even starting a new tradition of going out in the woods & cutting down our own.

2) You eat everything I cook & go back for seconds.

3) You are the best at cuddle time.

4) You put a wood stove in so I won’t get cold.

5) You love me even if I am an “old woman”.

All of this is why you’re the best. Ily.


Daily Menu:

B: Granola bar & coffee. -5pts
L: Turkey sandwich, carrots & hummus, clementine. -7pts
S: Cheese stick & pear. -1pt
D: Potato soup & grilled cheese. – 13pts


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