What I Ate Wednesday {12*11}

Nothing too terribly exciting on today’s menu. In fact, most of my food as been pretty uneventful. I’ve cooked some pretty delicious meals in the past week. Mr. Chocolate even went back for seconds and finished off everything I had for leftovers on Sunday night. But who am I kidding, he usually does that anyway.

Today’s menu was fairly simple and extremely easy.

I had a dentist appointment to fix my chipped front tooth this afternoon, so no snack or overly odorous foods earlier in the day. I’m sure my dentist appreciated that fact.

Breakfast consisted of a Nature Valley protein bar, a banana, and coffee. It’s my usual go to, quick, easy, on the run breakfast. I am so not a morning person & I don’t pretend to be. So if I can grab something on my way out the door I’m a happy girl.

Lunch was also my typical sandwich, veggie/fruit, and some type of other protein, today was a cheese stick.

Now dinner, dinner was something wonderful. I had Panera Bread for dinner. I don’t know why I constantly forget that this place exists so I rely on Subway so much. Not saying Subway isn’t fan-damn-tastic. But PB, it’s a whole different ball game there. I got their potato soup & the smokehouse turkey panini with an apple as my side. It was only 15 points. A little more pointy than my typical Subway, but with not having too many snacks today because of the dentist I decided it was totally ok. Besides, I still have 6 points left for a snack wine later tonight.

Panrea BreadAnd speaking of soup, this chilly winter weather has me in a total soup mood here recently. This weekend I made a big ol’ pot of potato soup. It was so good. And straight out of my head, didn’t follow a recipe. Mr. Chocolate liked it. And it was great for leftover soup & grilled cheese for lunch on Saturday. And the best way, I’ve discovered, to make a grilled cheese is with 3 slices of cheese – Sargento Ultra Thin, for less points – 2 Mild Cheddar & 1 Baby Swiss. So good.

Easy Potato Soup

6 cups diced potatoes (I used frozen diced hashbrown potatoes)
6 cups skim milk
2 cups broth
1 cup diced onion
3 Tablespoons butter (I used Country Crock)
1 can Healthy Request Cheddar Cheese soup
Salt, Pepper, & whatever other spices you want

– Melt the butter & saute the onions until transparent, about 5 minutes.

– Add the stock, milk, cheddar cheese soup, and potatoes. Heat well.

– Add salt & pepper to taste. Along with any other spices you enjoy in your soup.

I did 6 servings with about 1 1/2 cups each. It came out to about 7pts a serving, which was fine by me for something super yummy and easy.


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