What I Ate Wednesday {12*18}

Lots of yumminess!!

So far at least. Yes I realize it’s just after lunch time. But goodness, lunch was amazing. We went out for our front office Christmas lunch today. I don’t really go out to eat at lunch because I don’t like spending the points on it. But I found something totally wonderful and actually not too pointy.

I usually pack a salad, soup, sandwich, leftovers. Usually nothing exciting or “expensive” on the points factor. But today, today we went to Olive Garden. Oh Olive Garden, how I love you.

So I did my research. I planned. And boy was it yummy.

I had the Capellini Pomodoro with grill shrimp. Lots of salad with their low fat dressing. And one single bread stick. And I did not feel deprived at all.

The pasta was very good. It wasn’t heavy. It’s like an angel hair pasta with a light tomato sauce on it. Mainly diced sauteed tomatoes, olive oil, and spices. I topped it with the slightest amount of parmesan cheese.

My whole meal came out to 18 points. Like I said, a little heavy on the points side, but worth it. And I still have 14 points left for tonight. Don’t know what I’ll make for dinner tonight, but plenty of points left for it!


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