Weeklong Recap

Sorry it’s been a week since I’ve last updated. But it was a holiday week. My life has been crazy busy between work, getting ready for the holidays, and just life in general. Goodness it’s been craziness.

But good.

It was so nice to have a couple days off and be able to spend some time with my family. I went back to my hometown and did Christmas with everyone. It’s a little hectic with all of my running around, but totally worth it. When I got to town on Christmas eve I opened presents with my mom and step-dad. So many nice things. My step-dad got me lots of gift cards, he forwarned me that most of his Christmas shopping came from the CVS because of his and my mom’s surgeries. That’s ok by me. I got Amazon & Best Buy gift cards and think I’ve already figured out what I’ll be getting myself.

My mom got me some clothes I picked out & a really awesome scarf. She’s def figured me out. It’s camo in color with purple skull & crossbones on it. I need to find a cute black t-shirt or something to wear it with. She also got my some new ear-buds for my Ipod and a Polar HRM. I can’t wait to head back to the gym to use them.

After that we went to my Granny’s house for snacks & family time. And from there I went to my dad’s to do Christmas with him. He got me kitchen gadgets, which are always great! Subway gift cards, which are greatly appreciated – I don’t think I’ll have to buy another school night dinner the rest of the year!

After Daddy time I headed back to my mom’s for the night. Up the next morning for stockings & then off to the Granny’s house for family lunch. Always so yummy. After lunch I came back home and had dinner with Mr. Chocolate’s family. By the end of the day I was all fooded out! No more.

I did the present thing with his parents. They got me a Ninja! I’m in love with it & can’t wait to start using it. And then back to Mr. Chocolate’s house to exchange our presents. He got me my gorgeous ring & the boots I wanted. He also surprised me with a really cute sweater, a couple movies, and some awesome bath stuff that I can’t wait to use from a company called Lush. Lots of bath fizzies and bubbles. Some lotions and other potions. Shower gel and body conditioner. I seriously can’t wait until this weekend when I’ll be taking a nice, hot, relaxing bath with a book and a glass of wine.

And I also got a great Christmas gift to myself. I got an email saying that my Erin Condren planner has shipped! Tracking shows that the order for pickup was placed, but whatever, it will be here soon & I can’t wait! Her stuff is a little pricey, but super cute. And based on the reviews I’ve heard & the pictures I see I think it’ll be exactly what I need. Lots of places for notes about the day. Meal planning. Exercise planning. I need all this.

What did you do for the holidays?
What was your favorite gift?


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