January Goals

I think each month I’m going to set 3 goals. And every Thursday I’ll check in on how I’m doing with those goals. Starting out they are nothing grand or super. Actually quite simple. Until I really get back into the swing of things I need to start small. Focus on little things I can do. Build my confidence in myself (and my ability to stick to a weight loss plan) back up. So for that reason, my 3 goals for the month of January are:

1) Exercise 2 times a week.
I realize this isn’t much, but I haven’t exercised in weeks months. So baby steps. Get back into the routine of things and get my body built back up to being able to work out more. I’ll start mainly with cardio. Currently I get winded if I go up the stairs too fast, that’s not cool. And then I do the awkward “it’s cool, I’m not out of breathe” thing.

2) Cook at least 3 dinners at home.
Yes, I realize there are 7 nights a week. But when Mr. Chocolate is home he wants to go out to eat a lot. Or eat with his parents. Or get take out. And on Wednesday nights I have class, which means I’m usually eating Subway. So 3 home cooked dinners is actually difficult, but do-able, to do. Leftovers can count because I’m still in control of what I’m eating.

3) Pack my lunch at least 4 days a week.
This is probably going to be the easiest for me. At least most weeks. This will help save money & trim my waistline – 2 amazing things! Lots of salads, soups, and sandwiches in my future. I need to start looking around Pinterest for some awesome packed lunch ideas.

So that’s the goal for now. I’ll set my weeks up to run Thursday-Wednesday & will check back every Thursday about how I’ve done the previous week. So far today I’ve packed lunch & have plans of leftovers for dinner.


Daily Menu:

B: Quiche, English muffin, Coffee. -5
S: Greek yogurt. -3
L: Chicken enchilada, Rice, Banana. -12
S: Apple, Cheese stick. -1
D: Salad w/ Salsa Chicken, Pineapple- 8
S: 3 Chocolate Chip Cookies. -5

I still have 4pts left for my day. I might take a bubble bath with a glass of wine. Or enjoy some more cookies.


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