Products I Love {1*3}

Let’s be honest here. I am addicted to chapstick. There is no other way around it. But chapstick is boring. Even if you get the cherry flavored kind its still not pretty. It’s dull. And lifeless. No color. Doesn’t make my make-up pop. It’s just plain, normal, boring lips.

I had decided that’s what my chapstick addiction was going to leave me with. Plain, normal, boring lips. And then I found this stuff. It is amazing. It feels like chapstick. It’s soft and silky. But it has color. Not a lot, just enough to be pretty.

Who doesn’t love pretty?

I know I love pretty.


I am also lazy when it comes to doing my make-up. I want quick and easy. I fail at lip-liner. I always end up with lipstick all over my teeth. I just flat out don’t know what I’m doing because I don’t take the time to learn.

That being said, this product is amazing.

Colour Riche #318

Colour Riche #318

It’s my new favorite beauty product. I do my morning make-up (usually driving down the drive-way on my way to work) and then apply this. It’s easy to put on, I can do it driving down the road! Which is obviously an important aspect of my make-up selection.

It has a very faint color to it. Which is wonderful for me. Colour Riche Balm 318It doesn’t smear all over my face and teeth. It looks nice and glossy but feels like a lip balm.



This is not a paid review. I just freakin’ love this stuff!


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