Food Pushers, How Do You Handle Them?

Food pushers.

We all know them.

But how do you deal with them?

Do you hold your ground & explain that, no, it’s just not worth it to trade your chicken salad sandwich for a slice of pizza.

Do you make a joke of it and tell them that you’re trying to eat healthier and are watching your girlish figure.

Or do you just flat out say no. And don’t say a word about your diet?

Personally I change my reaction based on who I’m around. Some people I just explain that it’s not worth it – and they respect that. Others I don’t explain anything at all about my WLJ. And for some reason, with others I feel that I have to make a joke about my WLJ & therefore make a joke about why I’m not indulging in the yummy, greasy pizza. I act like I’m ashamed of trying to lose the weight. I’m not! I’m going to rock this. Screw you if you don’t want to support me or think I can’t do it. I’m not ashamed.

Food pushers.


They seriously make me feel bad for being on a “diet.” I greatly appreciate when they tell me that I look “just fine as I am” but I want to look damn fine, not just fine.

And with food pushers you feel this great pressure to give in. That if you don’t, for whatever reason, they are going to judge you. And they don’t. We’ve all been the person saying “You look great! Why don’t you have a slice?” Or “One brownie won’t ruin your diet.” All of us.

Food pushers don’t really care if you eat the brownie or the piece of pizza. They are, usually, just wanting you to be happy & they believe the pizza is going to make you happy. (Well, most of them anyway. Some of them are oh so totally jealous of your ability to avoid the yummy food & they cave. Every time.)

Food pushers aren’t judging me for eating a salad. The thought of “Ugh, look at that girl over there with her salad. She thinks she’s so special.” Nope. I promise they’re not thinking that.

But damn if it’s not annoying to have someone constantly trying to shove food at you. Just respect that I am watching what I eat & be done with it. Let me not have my cake & eat it too if I want to do so!!

K. Thanx. Bye.


Daily Menu:

B: Granola bar, banana, coffee. -5
S: Greek yogurt. -3
L: Chicken salad sandwich, Celery w/ hummus, Mandarin oranges. -10
S: Apple & Cheese stick. -1
D: ??? Salmon, Quinoa, Green beans??? -10ish


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