It’s Weigh-In Day.

And it was awesome. To say the least.

Last Week: 233.2
This Week: 226.2
Change: -7

Hells yeah!

And as for what I ate today, nothing overly exciting.

Daily Menu:

B: Granola bar, Banana, Coffee. -5
S: Greek yogurt. -3
L: Left overs from last night’s dinner, Celery w/ Hummus. -10
D: Subway Melt & Diet Coke. -11
S: Sunchips. -6

This leaves me with 2 points for later. I might have a couple of mini reese cups when I get home from class tonight.


So, since this is a What I Ate Wednesday post I feel the need to tell you about my fantastic dinner from last night. And it counts, because I had leftovers for lunch today!

I still had TONS of leftover spaghetti squash in the fridge. Seriously. How does one squash make so much??

Anyway, I decided I needed to do something with it. And I’m totally in love with the Farm Rich Frozen Turkey Meatballs. But I am so tired of “spaghetti & meatballs”. I’ve had that two nights in a row.

So, I took my really yummy, boyfriend approved meatballs & heated them up for a few minutes in the microwave. I heated up a couple teaspoons of olive oil. From there I tossed in my spaghetti squash, meatballs, and any and all frozen veggies I had on hand. That consisted of onions, peppers, broccoli,  and peas. I let it all cook well and mesh together – but not mush. And from there I added on some of Mr. Chocolate’s dad’s homemade vinegar based BBQ sauce – it’s tangy and spicy all at once. I let it cook just a little longer. Then dumped it into a dish & topped it with some cheese.

And let me tell you, it was fan-damn-tastic!

spaghetti squash veggies turkey meatballsIt’s not the prettiest thing to look at. It is at least colorful. But man, it’s flavorful.

I will most definitely be keeping this idea on hand for the future. Super easy. Super yummy.


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