Goal Update + General Ramblings

1) Exercise 2 times a week.
Check! So far I have exercised 3 times. That I can remember. There was possibly a fourth time in there. But honestly, I don’t know. And that would require me to go back through my online WW activity tracker to tell you if I did or did not workout a fourth time. And why bother? I’ve already told you I met this goal.

2) Cook at least 3 dinners at home.
This is another check! I have had only about 2 meals out this week. Not bad. And one of those “meals” was a drink & a handful of fries on girls night. The other was Subway, and because it’s $5 Footlong month I have dinner for tonight also! So far this week I have made pesto salmon, chicken salad, spaghetti squash several different ways. Lots of yummy things have come out of the kitchen so far.

3) Pack my lunch at least 4 days a week.
Um. Done. Yeah. I haven’t gone out to eat for lunch in over a week. I got this. A coworker suggested going out for lunch yesterday. And it was tempting. Instead, we both went to the gym and ate the lunches we had packed. What? Who does that!

So obviously, I’m crushing this.


I had class last night. And shockingly, my professor wasn’t his normal jerkface self. I was very happy about this fact. I’m actually not dreading going to my class next Wednesday.

But, my professor let the cat out of the bag about something. We have to do this “Integration Project” thing. Basically write a giant ass paper in order to graduate. And our mentor/professor for this project told us that roughly 1 person out of each cluster won’t pass the paper. Yay! Hello nervous as hell going into this thing. And the closer it gets the more nervous I get.

So, last night, professor jerkface is talking about our integration project. And then he asked if we were going to take the capstone instead. The what? Excuse me? We can take a class instead of this stupid paper?? SIGN ME UP!!

Several of us emailed our advisor, and her boss, because let’s be honest, our advisor fails. And we got a reply. This is an option that AU is offering to its GPS program. And we should be receiving information about this option in the next week or 2.


You seriously have no clue how much stress that takes off of me. I have worried about this paper for so long. I have refused to schedule ANYTHING between the middle of April & the first week of June. Paper writing to the max, baby! But now I might be able to just take a class. OMGeez. Cross your fingers & pray to whatever god you pray to that I can do this.


Daily Menu:

B: PB2 Chocolate, & banana smoothie. -5
S: Greek yogurt. -3
L: Chicken salad sandwich, hummus w/ celery, mandarin orange. -11
S: Apple & cheese stick. -1
D: Leftover Subway. -11

I still have 7pts left. Which is enough for some Fritos with my sandwich & some reese cups later. Oh happy day!


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